What is Chipotle Keto Bowl – How Many Carb’s in It?

Chipotle Keto Bowl

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is much accessible. It is easier to drop your weight with this low carb diet.

It is a sure way to burn away all the extra fat cells of your body.

There re so many things that are already working to provide the keto-related foods, drinks and supplements, but they are all not worthy of using.

The primary role of carbs is recognized in this diet. You have to restrict your carbs intake and limit them at a lower rate.

This is the major issue when going on the keto diet.

People have no time to cook their meals, and they try the improper ways of eating.

That is why we are here with an idea which helps you to fulfil your keto diet needs. It is called Chipotle Keto Bowl. Let’s have the details.

What is Chipotle Keto Bowl?

Chipotle Keto Bowl is a systematic guide that supports your keto dieting. It is a practical natural product that is having some tips for you to adhere best from the low carb diet.

This is a brand which is offering teh healthy keto meals composed of high fats and low carb ingredients.

They may include lots of fresh veggies, salad bowl which has romaine lettuce, barbacoa, fajita veggies, green salsa and guacamole.

They are the provided foods by this service. You can have them fresh and full of taste whenever and wherever you want.

The purpose behind the making of this bowl is to help the people who are on a keto diet and want to reduce their extra fats.

Although they have no time to stay and cook foods for theirself, it is the modern era; everyone is busy in the tough life and eager to keep theirself fit.

So, this is a suitable option to draw the best outcomes for your fat loss with a healthy food and diet plan.

chipotle keto bowl

What can you do with Chipotle Keto Bowl?

At Chipotle Kto Bowl, you will find a variety of low carb and high-fat foods, all the food items are fresh, tasty, and free of artificiality.

It means you need not to worry about your restrictions at a harmful level. You can manage your taste buds with their yummy recipes and foods.

They are offering low carb meals, which are consist of salads with chicken and grilled vegetables.

The most important thing is that all the food bowls are having an appropriate quantity of carbs, fats and proteins to back up your keto dieting and lead to fat loss.

Build Your Own Order

You can organize your order for Chipotle Keto Bowl and make it as according to your requirements.

Ready-made Keto Burrito Bowls

The best service is to get teh already prepared fresh food for your keto meals.

There are no artificial and preserved foods in it. All you have to do is to order and enjoy your meals.

Set Your Chipotle Keto Bowl

You can add or remove anything from your Chipotle Keto Bowl if you do not like it.

Or you can add more to get teh desired results fro weight loss point is that.

These bowls are having an appropriate quantity of elements that can burn away all the fats from your body.

What steps should you follow?

  1. Select Base Bowl

You can choose Burrito Bowl as your base as it is the most suitable one. It has other options too. That is;

  • Burrito
  • Tacos
  • Salad

The range of carbs in these bowls is from 19 to 47 net carbs. They are quiet enough to trigger the process of ketosis.

  1. Choose Protein

Protein is considered as the king of foods. They are fair good enough to ramp up your keto diet works.

These macro nutrients have a detailed elaboration. It has below options with the nutritional facts.

4 Oz.CaloriesFatsCarbsProteins
Chicken180 7g0g32g

You can choose your desired and required bowl by having the above-stated description.

  1. Avoid Rice & Beans

Rice and carbs have high-carb content. That is why they are not suggested while you are on a keto diet.

White rice has 39 net carbs, and brown rice has 34 net carbs on its one serving.

Black beans have 15 net carbs on its single serving. Pinto beans have 13 net carbs per serving. So, say no them.

  1. Select Toppings

Taking topping is more depending on the low carbs and high fats. Try to have those toppings that are having a lower amount of carbs for you.

High-fat toppings are sour cream, cheese, queso and guacamole. Low carb toppings are lettuce, fajita vegetables and salsas.

  1. Say no to Chips

Per serving of chips carries the 66g of carbs. So, it is better to skip the chips.

  1. Drink Abundantly

Have a lot of water to have a bulk of water in your body. Avoid sodas and take water or without sugar tea.

keto chipotle bowl

What Chipotle Keto Bowls have for you?


Chipotle’s Keto Salad Bowl has the lettuce, carnitas, tomatillo-red chilli salsa, cheese and guacamole.

Nutrition Facts:

42g fat
16gsaturated fat

Keto Burrito Bowl

It has chicken, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

660 calories
18.5gsaturated fat

Keto Burrito Bowl

This has steak, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

630 calories
18gsaturated fat

Keto Burrito Bowl with Carnitas

It has carnitas, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

51g fat
22.5gsaturated fat
16g carbs

Keto Burrito Bowl with Barbacoa

The main ingredient is barbacoa, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

18saturated fats

Keto Burrito Bowl with Turf and Turf

the components are carnitas, steak, fajita vegetables, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

25gsaturated fats

Keto Burrito Bowl with Cheesy Chicken

You will have chicken, fajita vegetables, queso, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

25gsaturated fats

Keto Burrito Bowl with Keto-Tarian

They have sofritas, fajita vegetable sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and romaine lettuce.

Nutrition Facts:

17gsaturated fats

All these types of bowls are only for your assistance. You can try one or all of them one by one to have the flavour of all of them.

They are all-natural, yummy and supportive for weight loss with the keto diet.

Chipotle Keto Bowl Review Video

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Bottom Line:

Chipotle Keto Bowl is a service that is an aid to the keto dieters.

You can get the foods that may support your keto dieting effectively and thoroughly.

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