To Lose Weight Fast and Definitely What to do? – Health & Beauty Facts

You are not alone in being overweight in the US alone about a third of adults are overweight or suffer from obesity .

There are many weight-loss diets , but many of them do not work forever because whoever starts is not constant over continue consultations. An effective form of weight maintenance program allows those who are overweight to lose weight and do not recover more.

In this article we will explain how to lose weight and how not to pick up where you left off more pounds lost , we will make clear the general main beliefs of weight gain and weight loss: following them and making a healthier life manage to slim down. We also take care of the causes of weight gain and the weight loss benefits, we we’ll teach you to lose weight by subsequent a well diet and work out, and we will give you a quantity of tips to get started.

Because you get fat

Prehistoric man, if fattened, could not but be happy! Fat, in fact, was the only way to defend physically from hunger in case of starvation.

If our ancestors ate more than necessary, the excess food transformed themselves into fat stored in their bodies,

But if they ate less than they should, their body would convert stored fat into energy.

Nowadays our refrigerators and supermarket shelves are full of food, so we do not need to use our body as a pantry! Many people want to lose weight only for a matter of aesthetics, but the correct motivation should be to achieve a better state of health. Overweight or obesity, in fact, they are associated with an increased risk of heart disease , diabetes , arthritis and some types of cancer .

The foods we eat are a source of energy, just like gasoline for cars. Our body makes use of power to keep the body temperature stable, to move about and to maintain its various functions, such as heartbeat.

The unit of energy is the calorie.

1 g of sugars match up to 4 calories,
1 g of protein equals 4 calories,
1 g of fat equals 9 calories.

Calorie needs depend on several factors, eg

by sex,
by the constitution,
the level of activity
and by the metabolism.

Children require more power per unit of body heaviness than adults, because they have to rise. A 90 kg man needs more energy than another that weighs only 70 kg. A mason needs more energy than an employee of the same age, the same sex and with the same build.

Also for people of the same age, the same size and with the same level of activity, you may need different amounts of calories per day, because of differences in metabolism; those who have a faster metabolism need more calories per day.

The carbohydrates are in food stuff that contains sugars or starches. Among them we remember


Fats are the most caloric and nutrient are contained mainly in:
aged cheeses,

Why must you drop(loss) weight?

Overweight or obesity is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kidney or liver disease and blood infections. While controlling the weight you can live longer and have a better quality of life.

Who is overweight and unable to lose weight you may notice immediate improvements in their quality of life, because for example:

Sleep better and longer,
It feels more fit and relaxed,
He has increased strength and flexibility.
Obviously those who are overweight and unable to lose weight you also feel better psychologically and faces better social life; However, those who only slimming for aesthetic reasons tend to regain the weight, while those who undertake to follow a healthier lifestyle usually can’t get fat again.

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